Sunday, March 23, 2014

Training rides pictures!

Our first two training were awesome. Our mantra: we ride for pleasure, adventure and autonomy stayed true as we rolled along each ride. Here are some pictures from the first training ride and then Saturdays shakedown ride. Enjoy, tell your friends, and come ride with us.
First training ride!
Started off on the Trolley Trail...
Then ended up on Blue River Road
Next hopped on the Indian Creek Greenway Trail, then
back to Family Bicycles via Lee Blvd, all had FUN!

Our second training ride was this past Saturday, we had a great time with this 40 mile route, next to to Creek trails.

Mark, Kathy, Amy, Ivan, and Bill ready to roll!
A cool Spring afternoon

Hills on this 40 mile ramble

Feed time at the 20 mile mark...

good eats...raw nuts, Cliff Bar, Jerky, Almond butter, and
Gates Barbecue...he whatever it takes :)

Last stop before the push home...good times!

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