Monday, May 12, 2014

Solo Bike Overnight

I like solo trips. Sometimes you just need to chill out, pick a direction, and ride. 
Everything else seems to take care of itself. So Friday morning I made the choice to head south.
My route 

My camp spot at Middlecreek Fishing Lake

Morning view on my left and...

on my right

I slept well with my Z-Rest pad and my 40F sleeping bag

 I am now using a solar panel to charge my phone, this is the power pack that can hold a good charge even if the sun is not out I can still keep my phone charged. I dislike being reliant on having to stop at places to recharge. Goal Zero 10 Plus is the solar kit I bought a Moosejaw on the Plaza.

I am stoked I don't have to worry about recharging. I use my phone for: GPS, camera, internet, music, video.

I bought this Marmot Aspen 2 three years ago for $120
and it has held up well.


 Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs ( I brought from home already cooked), carrots, cheeze sticks, freeze dried coffee packets from Star Bucks(expensive, but worth it!), I am also digging my Jet Boil stove, and I forgot to bring a cup this time, so I used the jet boil as my cup, and it was ok, the plastic lid on top has a sipper, but, adds a little rubber taste to the coffee...that was a drag, but still I used it.
 Loaded up and ready to roll home, being solo, I could take my time and pick a route based on how I felt.
I decided to see my friends(people and animals)
at Cedar Cove.

Here a volunteer staff oversees rescued tigers, African lions, mountain lions, leopard, bobcat, wolves, and other exotics cats that would have to be destroyed otherwise. Many of these animals were bought as exotic pets or for breeding, and were mistreated. Although their accommodations are sparse at Cedar Cove they are well looked after.

 I have camped on the property a few times and I have to say it is a very cool experience to be sitting by a fire at dusk, hearing the big cats roar.
 This is the campsite, very primitive, but very appropriate for a Kansas safari. I will be leading rides to Cedar Cove soon, so keep an eye out.

The grounds keeper will give us a private tour.

If you cannot make the ride I would encourage you to visit this extraordinary refuge with your family!
I then headed East to Missouri on Highway 68.
 I rolled through Cleveland, Mo and then headed North on
State Line Road
There was a road closed sign, but being on a bike and it being Saturday I went for it and found the road torn up and a bridge out, but was able to make my way across.
 I found the Berry Patch, but too soon for the Blueberries, so will have to come back!

I was getting a little tired and grumpy, needed more food, but then saw this beautiful field of wild flowers and my mood changed quickly!
 Just amazing...
 Had to jump the fence and get up close

As I made my way home, thoughts of how beautiful our are is flooded my mind. Feeling refreshed, I smiled when I saw this sign. Hopefully the see-saw is not in the middle of the street :) A very clever Children Playing sign.

Bill’s basic gear:
30lbs of gear and food

Marmot Aspen 2P Tent
Marmot Trestles Synthetic sleeping bag
40 degree
Z-Lite Thermarest Foam Sleeping pad
Cheap ground tarp from hardware store.
Arkel XM-45 Paniers
Bike: Surly Long Haul Disc Trucker
Jet Boil Flash Stove
Goal Zero 10 Plus solar recharging kit
Repair kit/ tools
baseball cap and beanie
Northface Rain Jacket
Green dry bag for clothes
Blue bag -toiletries and electronics
Orange bag for food
Water Bottles-2
Starbucks instant coffee
raw almonds
turkish figs
mozzarella cheese sticks
hard boiled eggs

peace, love, and bicycle touring...

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