Friday, June 13, 2014

Bike camping with tigers and lions next weekend!

Safari adventure bike overnight

  • Saturday, June 21, 2014 2:00 PM

  • 7337 Broadway 73rd Terrace & Wornall, Kansas City, MO(edit map)
  • Parking lot for start of ride
  • Safari Adventure overnight                               
    Our destination: Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary-30 miles South of KCMO
    Imagine,  camping out, under the stars, and hearing the roars of African Lions and Bengal Tigers…in Kansas!
    We will leave at 2pm sharp from Family Bicycles and head 34 miles south to Cedar Cove is a “last chance” rescue wildlife sanctuary for tigers, African lions, wolves, bobcat, mountain lions, and other exotic wildlife. If it were not for Cedar Cove, would have to be destroyed. Many of these animals were rescued from breeders, people who owned them as pets but could no longer take care of them, circuses, etc. Some were abused and neglected. Now they make their home at Cedar Cove, loved and taken care of by an army of volunteers.
    We have been given exclusive access to the outside grounds of the compound for our campsite, located next to a creek and only fifty yards from the big cats and wolves.
    We, as guests, will arrive late Saturday afternoon, make camp, and have the option of going to explore Louisburg and going to the grocery store for supplies. Then head back to camp where we will build a fire, then prepare our meals and eat together around the fire. We will sleep knowing wild animals are only feet away (there are 3 high steel fences, and electrical fence, between us and the animals). In the morning we will wake, make breakfast, break camp, and then have a private tour of the sanctuary. 
    Next we will take an alternative route back to KC by crossing over to Missouri, where we will encounter some rough back roads and gorgeous scenery, maybe stopping to pick blueberries.
    CAMPSITE: Water and bathrooms are available. This is primitive camping. 
    We will follow “No Trace” camping principles packing out what we pack in.
    ROUTE: The route will be 70 % paved roads and some packed gravel. Please make sure you have spare tubes, tent, ground pad, and food for yourself. Also you must be able to bicycle 30 miles with all your gear- THIS IS NOT FOR THE BEGINNER CYCLIST,there are a lot of hills. Total mileage for weekend will be 80 miles. Riding pace will be conversational, with breaks as needed. If you have a solid foundation of cycling and are fit you will have no problem. 
    There will be a $10 donation per person for Cedar Cove and a $2 fee for the ride to help pay for the cost to have the Meetup page ($19 per month).
    We reserve the right to turn away any riders who: are not prepared, don’t have correct gear, bike is not in working order (you should have your bike checked out before), or any other reason the leader sees may be a safety issue for the rider or the group. (It is wise to have a bail out plan in case of emergency)If you have any questions please call me at 9132201213.  Additionally, if you are able, I would like to meet you and ride with you before the ride, we have a training ride on Wednesday night at 630 from Family Bicycles at 73rd and Wornall.
    The routes will not be made public until the ride starts. 
    This is going to be FUN! RSVP ASAP please!!!
    Please RSVP here