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Bill Poindexter Camping at Eisenhower State Park (Photo by Randy Rasa)

This organization, KC Bicycle Touring, is a place where like minded cyclists can find out more about long distance bike touring/camping and bike packing(ultralight bike touring). I noticed there are no other organizations in Kansas City 100% focused on bicycle touring, so here we are...right now this blog, our Meetup group, and a Facebook page.

The Blog is to add some resource info and will periodically post travel journals of our rides, the  Meetup group will have the schedule of rides, the FB page will just be another way to connect and stay in touch and maybe post some pics for your bicycling expeditions...making the rest of us jealous.

KC Bicycle Touring is run by volunteers, and the only charges will be for some of the overnight rides if there are fees for camping, or we are charged for dues from Meetup, or others, but we will let you know that ahead of time. If you want to volunteer in anyway please let us know.
Touring on the Flint Hills Nature Trail

We do have sponsors, friends, and are partnering with various organizations that we list on the site, so if you can support them some how please do so: Family Bicycles, Kansas Cyclist Website, Coffee Girls, Poindexter Recruiting, Carfree American site and the Adventure Cycling Association (which btw is a totally separate organization and is only connected to use by our mutual passion of traveling by bicycle) I am personally a lifetime member and would encourage you to check out the ACA as a resource for your adventure cycling interests.

If you have any questions, ideas, or want to get involved let us know

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We are in need of a logo!

See you on a ride!

Billy Poindexter, Organizer

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